4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy a Pre-Built Computer

Don’t Buy A Pre Built Computer

Don’t Buy A Pre Built Computer

So your desktop computer is getting to the point where it’s finally showing its age. You can still remember when you first brought it home and took it out of the box, set it up on your desk, and fired up the setup software for the operating system, but now the case is full of dust, the hard drive makes a noise that’s starting to worry you, and things just aren’t as speedy as they used to be. Before you get dressed to head on down to your local computer store or department store to browse the models on display, you should reconsider whether or not it’s worth it to buy another pre-built computer. Maybe you’ve always had a few annoying problems with the one you’ve got now, or maybe you’ve just been wondering if it’s finally time to build your own machine. There are a number of reasons why you shouldn’t go buy another pre-fabricated computer, but they all boil down to giving you a substandard computer experience.

You Don’t Get a Say On Individual Components

One of the most frustrating things about trying to shop for a computer that’s already been assembled for you is that you might not be able to find the right hardware combination you want. You might spy one model that has the monitor size and the hard drive capacity that you want, but the processor is just a little slower. Two models over, you find one that has the right processor, but the video card isn’t so good and the case looks ugly. You could spend all day walking up and down the aisle trying to compare the specs on each machine without ever finding the one that’s just right for you. This is a consequence of buying a new computer this way: you don’t get a say over what goes into the machine, so you might end up settling for something that doesn’t actually suit your needs.

Proprietary Hardware Means No Upgrades For You

You Will Need To Upgrade Your Computer Eventually

You Will Need To Upgrade Your Computer Eventually

In order to keep the costs of these machines low, manufacturers often team up with hardware companies like Intel or nVidia in order to design units that are inexpensive and which save on space inside the computer case. This can be anything from a machine whose motherboard uses only one bank of RAM and shares it between the system and the video card, as opposed to dedicated video memory; or a machine whose video card is simply an integrated chip on the board that can’t be removed. Either way, these proprietary hardware combos usually mean you can’t ever upgrade the machine. If a unit is integrated directly onto the motherboard, you would have to replace the board to change it out; in essence, it’d be like buying a whole new computer anyway.

Shouldn’t You Get a Say on Software?

Perhaps the worst consequence of buying a pre-built computer is the fact that they always come pre-loaded with software from the manufacturer and sometimes even the retailer. This "bloatware" as it is often called can slow down your machine right out of the box. Not only that, but a lot of the time this software is actually a limited "trial" version, such as pre-installed antivirus software, which will expire a month or two after your purchase the computer, and then hound you about paying for a renewal. This software can even be difficult to uninstall. Shouldn’t you have a right to a clean, fresh computer that doesn’t have anything installed on it but the operating system? Beware the software that many retailers will try to sell you.

Warranties Aren’t All They Promise to Be

Build A Computer According To Your Needs

Build A Computer According To Your Needs

When you buy the individual components to build a new computer, each piece is usually protected by its own manufacturer’s warranty, which is frequently very good and covers you from defects and failures. When you buy a pre-built computer, you frequently have to pay extra for the privilege of having the retailer offer you a warranty. These documents often contain a lot of conditions which void your warranty, and some of these conditions restrict what you can do in your machine. For example, some warranties will claim that they are void if you so much as open up the computer case on your own. When one part fails, the whole machine will have to be returned, which wastes your time and could leave you without a computer for days. Always inspect the warranty terms on pre-built computers to understand the risks that are associated with buying one.

How to Avoid Getting Scammed While Traveling

Avoid Getting Scammed While Travelling

You Encounter Many Scammers WhileTraveling

Traveling abroad is stressful enough. The ten-hour flights, the long delays, customs, the language barrier; they all present stumbling blocks to someone looking to expand their horizons and travel the world. Truly rich and incredible experiences await those who work through it, but unfortunately, an intrepid traveler often has to worry about getting scammed.

Make no mistake – any country you can name can have inhabitants who are out to scam unsuspecting tourists. However, the game and the method can vary from area to area. Here are some general tips to keep yourself safe when travelling the world.

Educate Yourself on Local Customs, as Well as Current Local Events

Most travel guides will advise you to take a crash course in local culture and customs before you arrive in a country, especially countries that are not Westernized. Not only will you save yourself embarrassment in social situations, but you’ll often learn about how local businesses are run. For example, in most countries other than the U.S., tipping after a meal in a restaurant simply isn’t done. In certain countries such as Egypt, street merchants are quite aggressive in their sales pitches, and tourists will often find themselves shelling out money for merchandise they don’t want. Being familiar with the local language will not only make your trip exponentially less stressful, but will also endear you to the locals in a way that little else can. They appreciate that you’ve taken the time to learn about their language and culture, and will be much less likely to treat you as just another tourist.

Get All The Information Before You Travel

Get All The Information Before You Travel

Being familiar with local current events will not only keep you from getting scammed, but it will also keep you safer in general. Areas with a lot of political and social turbulence will often find their economies going haywire in turn, and this kind of financial turmoil can make people desperate. If it comes down to it, if your trip is approaching during a time of strife in the country you’re visiting, tread carefully, or consider rescheduling.

Take the Time to Search out Current Tourist Information

You’re not the only one travelling, that’s for sure. The internet allows for communication at the speed of light, and your fellow tourists (or past travelers, or current citizens in the area) will often be vital resources on general travel-related forums. They’ll be able to tell you if there are any popular scams and scammers currently on the loose in the area, before you even have the chance to have the dubious honor of experiencing them for yourself.

If You Encounter a Scammer, Just Don’t Engage Them

Stay Away From Deals That Sound Too Good To Be True

Stay Away From Deals That Sound Too Good To Be True

Unfortunately, this is often easier said than done. Many of the worst scammers will force young children to busk and beg for money. In France, a common scam involves a young child approaching a mark, and stating that they’ve gotten separated from their families and must gather fare for a flight back home. It is tragically quite difficult to say no to these children, as most are simply doing this on the orders of an older, manipulative, and often abusive caretaker.

However, you must bear in mind that any money you give to these children will simply be pocketed by the caretaker at the end of the day. If you want to invest in these children’s welfare, there are a number of humanitarian organizations that specialize in rescuing and finding homes for these street children. A donation to them will do much more good in the long run.

With most scammers, it is most prudent to simply report the issue to the nearest police officer, especially if the scammer succeeded in scamming you. It is crucial that you do not keep important travel documents (such as your passport, or any emergency payment methods) on your person while out in busy areas, or, if you must have it on you, to keep it in a secure location that is not easy to spot or snatch. An ounce of caution is worth far more than a week at your country’s embassy, waiting for your passport to be cancelled and renewed.

Are Personal Trainers Worth It?

Some People Need Personal Trainers

Some People Need Personal Trainers

Getting a personal trainer is something that you might have been considering for some time if you’re having trouble losing the weight that you want to lose – or you may just be under the impression that it’s something you need to do in order to get a good workout. While it is true that personal trainers can help you get a better workout, you may not necessarily need to hire someone to help you work out. If you’re not certain if you would really benefit from a personal trainer, then there are a few questions that you might want to ask yourself to try and make the right decision for your personal needs.

Do You Need Help with Motivation?

They Will Keep You Motivated

They Will Keep You Motivated

If you have trouble getting motivated about working out or even heading to the gym in the first place, then chances are good that you would benefit from a personal trainer. A lot of the time, personal trainers are skilled in getting you pumped up to work out. They are there to make sure that you do the best you can do and keep you motivated. If you don’t have any workout buddies, motivation can be a serious issue. Having a personal trainer might be right for you if you often have trouble getting yourself motivated to hit the gym and finish your workout routine. They really can help you get the most benefit out of your workouts, so if you struggle with yourself when it’s time to hit the gym, you may need a personal trainer.

Are You Totally Lost in the Gym?

If you’re new to working out or you just haven’t been to a gym in a long time, a personal trainer can help you find your way around and learn how to use the equipment. It’s a great idea to get a personal trainer if you are not particularly comfortable with the equipment or the way gyms are set up. Your trainer will be able to show you around and teach you all about what you need to do, and what equipment you need to use in order to accomplish your goals. You may not need to hire the trainer forever, but just having one when you get started can be a big help in making sure you get the most benefit from your gym experiences.

Can You Afford One?

Personal Trainers Are Expensive...

Personal Trainers Are Expensive…

One of the biggest questions to ask when you’re considering hiring a personal trainer is whether or not you can afford one. Personal trainers can run on the expensive side, especially if you’re going for a higher end professional. Sometimes it just isn’t worth it to spend the money to hire a personal trainer unless you really think that you need one in order to achieve your fitness goals. If you’re worried about how much money they cost or you’re not sure you can fit a trainer into your budget, then you likely need to forgo them and just try to train yourself. It’s often not as difficult as you might be imagining, so there’s no real need to worry about whether or not you can manage to get yourself into the shape you want to be in. all you need to do is come up with a plan and motivate yourself to stick to it – then you should be completely set to get fit.

How to Decide What to Cut While Narrowing Your Focus to a Niche Market

Narrow Your Focus To A Niche Market

Narrow Your Focus To A Niche Market

Businesses have to adapt to survive. You might have opened up your store to sell your hand dyed scarves (for example), but if you find that you’re making 80% of your profit off of hand beaded jewelry instead it’s pretty clear what you need to focus on. If things are a little less clear cut than in the example, you might know what you need to focus on a niche, but you don’t know what to get rid of in order to better fix the market that you’ve stumbled into. When you’re getting ready to narrow your focus, take this into consideration.

Look at Your Bestsellers

What's Your Target?

What’s Your Target?

Sometimes it’s not obvious what all of your bestsellers have in common. If you’re making money off a few seemingly unrelated items then you should do a little customer surveys. Look at what’s most commonly bought together. Are the items that are more popular eco-friendly? Are they made locally? Or perhaps they deal with a greater theme, like party planning. Figure out the common threads between what people in your store are buying and you’ll be able to see which items aren’t pulling their weight and why. Once you understand what people are coming to your store for you can shape your inventory to better offer them what they want.

Consider Complementary Products and Services

Let’s say that you have a store that sells hand carved wooden products. You start out selling all sorts of things, but once you’re out of that tricky first year and you look back on your products, you realize that you made it through because of your hand carved cooking implements. If you’d only been a wooden flute store, you’d be out of business now. In order to boost profits and sales, you should look into expanding into that niche. When you’re narrowing your focus you don’t just want to cut items out. That’s not going to get you more sales. It will reduce your overhead for carrying products that just don’t sell, but that’s not enough. Think about what you’re really selling, and then consider things that go with that. If people love your hand carved wooden cooking spoons, maybe they’d enjoy a matching wooden platter for breads and cheeses. Perhaps they would also be interested in cookbooks, as well.

Focus on Branding

Don't Forget The importance Of Branding

Don’t Forget The importance Of Branding

If you have a client base that prefers things to be as eco-friendly as possible, you can build that into the foundation of your store. Make sure those cookbooks stress getting fresh vegetables at farmers markets and don’t rely on premade sauces. Take the time to make sure that your wood is a renewable resource (not just harvested from a forest that’s not being protected somehow) and then feel free to mark it as such. Whatever your store could have that could become a theme or unifying principle should be looked into. When you’re trying to get the most from a niche you need to remember that narrowing your focus doesn’t mean limiting your products. It means cherry picking the very best things that will help your brand and your sales so that you can become the store that’s most adept at surviving in a particular environment.

What to Do after You’ve Lost Your Cool in an Argument

Avoid Losing Your Temper In An Argument With Your Partner

Avoid Losing Your Temper In An Argument With Your Partner

For anyone who isn’t single, arguments are a natural part of life. Unfortunately, if an argument is mishandled they can cripple a relationship. Arguments can push you and your partner to your limits and make you realize what’s most important to you and help you work to make your relationship better. But if left unresolved, they can break your relationship so it’s crucial for any couple to come back together and resolve their issues when they have an argument. Normally after small disagreements it’s easy to come back together and admit you were wrong and make up, but when it was a fight over something vitally important, or something that you’d both been holding back from speaking about for a while, the results can blow up and end in even more of a headache for both of you.

Overreacting in the event of an argument isn’t necessarily the mark of immaturity, but it’s easy to behave immaturely without realizing it if you’re overreacting. Losing your cool is even easier than you might think and even for the most level-headed of people, there are some things about your partner or just in general that are just inevitably going to drive you crazy and push you to a point where you’re going to behave in a way you wouldn’t normally. It’s going to happen, you’re going to get angrier than you ever have in an argument before and you’re going to say things that you don’t mean and that are completely out of line. It’s inevitable, but what do you do when you’ve really gone too far and lost your cool in a fight?

Take Responsibility

Take Responsibility For Your Actions

Take Responsibility For Your Actions

If you’re the one who lost your cool in a fight, it’s time to own up. The fight not have been your fault, but the fact that it got dragged out the way it did probably was. If you’re the one who lost your cool and turned a mountain into a molehill, you need to take responsibility. It might mean swallowing your pride and we all know how hard that can be sometimes, but it’s for the best. You have to show your partner that you know you’re the reason the fight turned out the way it did and that you understand that. You can’t even get close to apologizing if you haven’t stepped back from the situation and realized that it’s your responsibility to do so. No emotional manipulation, no waiting for your partner to apologize first – it’s up to you to be the bigger person when you’re the reason a fight got blown out of proportion.

Reconcile and Rebuild

Get things back to where they were! We all know that sometimes, you have an argument with your partner that’s just impossible to come completely back from. It’s a fact of life, and it’s completely normal for an argument to change things because sometimes that’s a good thing. What you need to do, though, is build your relationship back up to what it was and remind your partner that losing your cool isn’t something you’re going to do again whenever the next argument rolls around. No one wants to be with someone who they can’t have a simple differing of opinions with, or whose behavior they dread seeing when there’s a disagreement in the relationship.

You need to show that there’s a difference in your behavior. Not only are you being responsible and owning up to your mistakes, you’re showing that you have no intentions of handling an argument so immaturely again. Now, there’s a difference between truly showing a difference in your behavior and being fake. You can’t just convince someone for the time being that you aren’t going to lose your cool again, you have to truly change how you’re

Avoid Losing Your Cool Again

Apologize And Don't Allow The Situation To Get Out Of Control Again

Apologize And Don’t Allow The Situation To Get Out Of Control Again

It isn’t enough to just take responsibility and apologize for what you did wrong. You need to avoid repeating the problem. Is that so hard to understand? Next time you have an argument, learn to step back. Simple tips for calming down, especially in the middle of an already-started argument, can really go a long way. Try taking a deep breath to calm yourself down, and most important don’t interrupt your partner when you’re having a disagreement. You both need to be able to communicate with each other and interrupting each other is only going to make you mad and make the arguments worse. The angrier either of you gets, the more likely one of you is to lose your cool, so you need to take extra measures to make sure you don’t find yourself overreacting again.